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Customer segmentation
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Customer Segmentation

You need to wisely direct your marketing and communication efforts so they pay you back richly. Customer segmentation involves identifying your best customers, those who are only fair and those not worth pursuing.

Good customers make you serious money through direct spending and referrals. Other customers offer less. And some potential customers in your market just aren't buying from you and may never buy from you.

Each loyal customer offers you a smooth path to increased sales, profits and growth. Winning a new customer costs 2½ times as much as keeping a current one happy. Professor David Aaker of the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley writes that companies "often underinvest…in committed customers," taking them for granted. Vnca can help you increase business from your loyal customers.
Vnca helps you understand:
Which product or service you offer makes you the most money
Who buys that product or service, and to what extent they buy it
Which customer segments offer you the best growth opportunities
How to forge and communicate a brand identity that helps you attract and retain more of your best kind of customers