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Our Network of Colleagues

Who We Are

Sue Tatum

Before launching Vnca, Sue Tatum served as senior vice-president (SVP) of marketing for Sodexho North America, a $5 billion company. Sodexho works with businesses, hospitals, K-12 schools and colleges and universities. Sue knows firsthand how service companies operate. And she has experience with government contracts.

Sue served for several years as VP for communications within Sodexho's campus services division. Simultaneously, she served as senior VP for the campus services division's Southwest Gulf region. She had operational responsibility for that region's 115 campuses. This included large-scale special events.

Sue grasps the importance of customer-level contact in any organization. And she knows that every company needs a marketing strategy and a compelling brand. Sue helps shape any organization's brand identity to emphasize the extra value it delivers. A member of the American Marketing Association, Sue has a proven track record of increasing consumer satisfaction, engagement and spending.

Our Network of Colleagues

Great marketing and communications programs demand many skills . When necessary, we engage expert colleagues for technical and creative support. Vnca works only with the best experts in market research, promotion, change management, graphic design, etc.

One of our graphic artist colleagues has also worked for Harcourt Education and the Lyons Group, Inc. (Barney the Purple Dinasour). Our website designers specialize in search engine optimization (SEO). This approach makes your site a magnet for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Whatever messages you want to convey, we have access to leading writers specializing in that area. We can help with newsletters, speeches, brochures, web content, web advertising or any other written materials.

Research demands both art and science. Our colleagues practice the most valuable approaches to research. Our qualitative people extract key information from interviews, focus groups, client panels, etc. Our quantitative experts run surveys to gauge customer engagement. Engagement means the extent to which a consumer feels committed to an organization. It's about a customer's loyalty and the likelihood that he or she will recommend an organization to others. Engagement is directly related to sales growth.

Our partners have worked for government agencies, public and private schools, colleges and universities, hospitals and Fortune 500 companies. And they have helped manufacturers to promote consumer package goods. The Vnca pros help us maximize the impact of your marketing and communications budget.

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