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       For your business to thrive, it must grow. But nurturing its growth demands different activities and skills than running it day-to-day. Most businesspeople need to—and prefer to—just run their firms. Tempting as that is, it's the route to flat sales or slow decline.
Public Relations

           Marketing, communications, and public relations are the fire under the pot. When we work with an organization, we make sure that their branding messages have an edge and that they reach that organization's most valuable consumers. Vnca serves firms large and small, government agencies and nonprofits. We also serve schools, colleges and universities.

       First we understand a client's objectives. In keeping with those objectives, we appraise their organization's current situation. Then we design appropriate strategic marketing, promotions, communications, and public relations plans. We base all plans on sound qualitative and quantitative research. And we target those plans towards measurable goals. We help with branding, research, communications and promotions.

       Whether your needs are modest (better newsletters or public relations for one event), broad (a long-range business marketing or public relations plan) or in between, Vnca can help. We'd be delighted to discuss your needs and our consulting services, and to give you a free estimate.

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